The Big Dick Meme Explained

A big dick meme, is an essential element in the sexual lexicon of nearly every culture. It’s a common joke and even used as a caption when images are posted online. Funny, sometimes cruder, yet undeniably beautiful, the internet has an endless list of big dick jokes. But when it all comes down to which one for you, much can depend upon what image you choose.


In a sense, there’s no right or wrong answer with big dick meme


The key is knowing which image will convey the intended message to you. Big black dicks are great for all men who wish to show their prowess in a bedroom scenario, but for women, they’re a big turn off. The vagina is a highly sensitive part of a woman’s body and can be quite painful if handled roughly. A big black dong in a woman’s vagina would definitely hurt.

It’s the energy boost that big dick energy is known for that makes it so appealing


Energy pumping, as it’s called, can be a great way to boost your confidence, or to help you get through the lonely nights in a relationship where sex seems far out of reach. Energy work can be done in any part of the body, not just the penis, and can have a similar effect on your sex life. While a penis will certainly give you an erection, an energy-pumping exercise can increase your libido.


Another big difference between a big penis and a big vagina is how long it takes for an erection to form


While a big dick is a tremendous source of self-confidence, a big vagina will give you the endurance and stamina that will allow you to last long into the night. Both are excellent motivators for sex, but in very different ways. An orgasm caused by a big penis, while possible, is rarely a reality for most women.

If a big black dick can have such an effect on a woman’s libido, what will a big black dick do to her vagina?


Most experts agree that there is no permanent damage caused by a big penis, although premature ejaculation is possible. As long as the man has stamina, his partner should have no problem satisfying him. Unfortunately, there are many men who lack stamina, and these partners must endure a lot of pain. Their relationships suffer.


However, these problems are not as big a problem as many make them out to be. In general, a Japan penis of average size is perfectly safe, healthy, and can be happy in the bedroom with a healthy woman. The big black dick rape vagina myth is just that – a myth, and one that hurt women in their intimate areas every day.